Enrollment Terms

Self-Study and Online Enrollment Terms and Refund Policy
Students will receive training in the subjects outlined in the promotional literature. Completion of the course does not guarantee employment, nor are graduates required to work for the Company.

The term for courses over 30 hours is 6 months from date of registration. The term for courses up to 30 hours is 3 months from date of registration. The term for CPE seminars of 6 hours or less is 1 month from the date of registration.

Students who do not finish the course within the allotted time frame (term) must pay a $99 reinstatement fee to continue on for an additional term.

If for any reason the student is not satisfied, he/she may withdraw during the first quarter of the term and receive 75% tuition reimbursement; students withdrawing during the second quarter of the term will receive 50% tuition reimbursement; students withdrawing during the third quarter of the term will receive 25% tuition reimbursement; and students withdrawing during the final quarter are not eligible for a refund.

nonrefundable registration fee of $75 applies to all Self-Study and online courses.

In addition to the nonrefundable registration fee all book and material fees are also nonrefundable.

Course Cancellation

All course cancellations must be done in writing. Please use the address below.

Students may cancel enrollment within three (3) business days (weekends and holidays excluded) without financial obligation (100% tuition reimbursement) other than the nonrefundable fees described above.

Students wishing to withdraw/cancel after the three (3) day period may do so by written notice, and they will receive reimbursement according to the schedule stated above.

I have read and understand the cancellation and refund policy as stated above.

I understand these conditions become a legally binding upon registration in a course.

The address below is to be used in all Correspondence.

CTS4Taxes 2662 Bechelli Lane Redding, CA 96002